Corporate Governance Policies

Serving as a global leader means holding ourselves to a higher standard. That’s why we’ve enacted several policies that make that standard clear, while motivating us to reach our goals.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

The Board of Directors has adopted these guidelines to set forth its commitments and guiding principles concerning overall governance practices.

Corporate Governance Guidelines (PDF)

Guidelines for Determining the Independence of Its Members

The Board has adopted guidelines to determine the independence of its members. The Independence Guidelines are included in the Corporate Governance Guidelines as Appendix A but are separately provided here for ease of reference.

Independence Guidelines (PDF)

Related Person Transaction Policy

This policy prohibits any of the Company’s executive officers, directors or any of their immediate family members from entering into a transaction with the Company, except in accordance with this policy.

Related Transaction Policy (PDF)

Worldwide Business Conduct Manual

Firmly rooted in the Company’s Purpose, Values and Principles, the Worldwide Business Conduct Manual applies to all of the Company’s employees, officers and non-employee directors. We also expect our suppliers and other business partners to comply with all relevant portions of the manual. Portions of the Worldwide Business Conduct Manual comprise P&G’s Code of Ethics for SEC and New York Stock Exchange Regulatory Purposes, as further described in the Manual.

On November 1, 2010, the Company finalized a renewed version of our Worldwide Business Conduct Manual. The content of the new Worldwide Business Conduct Manual is generally consistent with the prior version, in effect since 2005, but includes updates for new policy areas and other minor revisions.

Worldwide Business Conduct Manual (PDF)

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